Grid Edge Estates KRISP Project

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The Company: Grid Edge Estates is a sustainable housing development business that aims to provide affordable, modular housing solutions that are carbon free and "energy positive". 

Students: Imogen Smith, Frankie Downes: MSc Environmental Sustainability and Green Technology

The Project: The project was the completion of an environmental mapping exercise in order to define the socio-technological impacts of Grid Edge Estates’ proposed innovative, advanced, green technology centred community programmes.

The Outcomes: Grid Edge Estates has used the report produced by the students to enter the Renewable Energy Association’s “Power Forward Challenge”.  This is a collaboration between the UK and Canadian governments to demonstrate innovation to show how the Power Grid will change toward 2030 and beyond.

Matthew Bell of Grid Edge Estates says: "Whilst I was away building teams to deliver our solution, the MSc Environmental Sustainability & Green Technology students, Imogen and Frankie, carried out research on emerging technologies.  They presented their findings in a digestible format that allowed me to collate it and enter a Challenge to demonstrate our positive energy developments.  The support has been fantastic and has given us a great platform to grow from here!”

Imogen and Frankie say: "The Grid Edge Estates project has been such a valuable experience. It was a really good opportunity to do some in depth research on various renewable technologies and look more specifically at how they can successfully be applied in a real-world scenario.  It brought to my attention some renewable technologies and storage options I was previously unaware of and gave me a greater insight into not only their environmental benefits but also the positive impacts their application can have on society."