Sen Wang

Year studied MSc Environmental Sustainability & Green Technology


Undergraduate degree

Chemistry from Michigan State University

Current employment

SUS Environment, ShangHai, China. Environmental restoration engineering company

What did you do after graduation and how did you get this job?

I got this job through Shanghai’s overseas talent introduction program.  This program recommended me to companies that are engaged in environmental protection and then I submitted resumes to these companies.

What does your job involve?

My job mainly involves the investigation of contaminated sites, most of which have soil pollution.  After investigation, I will draft a project proposal to guide the repair work on the contaminated site. If the project proposal is approved, the construction plan will be prepared and submitted to the construction department for them to undertake the restoration project.

What did you learn on the MSc Environmental Sustainability & Green Technology which helped you get the job, or helps with your role now?

The design of the entire course, not just the content taught in the classroom, has been very helpful for my work. The whole course allowed me to understand the relationship between the ecological environment and human society and the conflict from a macro perspective. At the same time, the course also cultivated my skills of teamwork and cooperation, which are very important aspects of my work.

My research project dissertation was on the topic of soil. From the experiments I conducted, I learned a lot about the process of soil collection and soil mechanism, and I gained a better understanding of the effects of various environmental factors on soil. The process of completing this dissertation gave me a theoretical grounding for my current work.

Do you have any advice for current/prospective MSc Environmental Sustainability & Green Technology students interested in a similar career?

The topic of your dissertation is very important, try to relate it as much as possible to future work. Through completing the research, the literature review and any experiments, you will gain a lot of knowledge that may be used in your future career.