Year studied MSc Environmental Sustainability & Green Technology


Undergraduate degree

BSC Zoology from University of Lagos, Nigeria

Current employment

Assistant Manager, Environmental & Social Governance, Unique Ventures Capital Management Co, Lagos, Nigeria

What did you do after graduation and how did you get this job?

After graduation, I attended conferences and seminars on Environmental Management, Safety, Security and Auditing, as well as business start-up. Getting the job didn't come easy I must say, considering the rate of un-employment, competitiveness of certificates, and the economic recession that Nigeria is recovering from. I kept submitting my CV to different organizations that I thought might have a job for an environmentalist. The 'unlikely', a capital firm, called me for an aptitude test and interview.

What does your job involve?

Unique Ventures Capital Management Company (UVCMC) is an SME-focussed private venture capital investment firm. I am responsible for ensuring all UVCMC’s investments in Nigeria meet and comply with all applicable requirements through conduct of Social and Environmental Due Diligence (SEDD) and monitoring. UVCMC is also the Fund Manager of West Africa Venture Fund (WAVF) where I double as the Supervisory Officer on Environmental and Social Governance for the Fund. I ensure that WAVF’s investments in Liberia and Sierra Leone are in compliance with applicable requirements such as, but not limited to IFC’s Performance Standards through SEDD and monitoring. These I communicate to IFC through reports.

What did you learn on the MSc Environmental Sustainability & Green Technology which helped you get the job, or helps with your role now?

UVCMC takes Environmental Sustainability and Impact issues very seriously, for instance, the 3rd and 6th IFC’s Performance Standards are “Resource Efficiency and Pollution” and “Biodiversity, Conservation and Sustainable Natural Resource Management” respectively which many of the MSc. ESGT modules addressed.

Do you have any advice for current/prospective MSc Environmental Sustainability & Green Technology students interested in a similar career?

Every bit of information you get on the MSc ESGT course comes in handy sooner or later; join or read of environmental discussions as much as you can…..the first question I was asked at my interview was on an environmental issue I read on the MSc ESGT’s Facebook page two days earlier!