John Kinderman, MSc Environmental Sustainability and Green Technology, 2019-2020

Year studied MSc Environmental Sustainability and Green Technology


Why did you choose to study at Keele University?

As a mature student I wanted a University that was close to home and offered the course I was interested in doing. Keele also appealed because of its rural location and feel to the campus as well as its campus focus on environmental sustainability.

Why did you want to study your particular course? Did you have a specific career in mind?

After 30 years in business I wanted a second career in policy, education or research within the Environmental Sustainability sector and this specific course was ideal to prepare myself for this next career step.

What attracted you to the course at Keele University?

The course was focused on the sector I was interested in and offered a wide range of different modules to give a great grounding for this topic as well as offering the freedom to specialise in depth into the topics I felt were really relevant to my next step. Keele University Campus also takes environmental sustainability seriously in a practical way from the way the University estate is managed, to the sustainable accommodation, the organic vegetable gardens and the SEND projects that focus on the practical application of environmental research.

Was there anything in particular you felt that Keele University did better than other universities you looked at?

Keele University in particular has great relationships with the local community and businesses and their ability to put research into practice, especially in the Environmental sustainability sector. The whole ethos of environmental sustainability is taken seriously across the whole campus.

What do you enjoy most about your course?

I enjoy the diverse syllabus of the Environmental Sustainability and Green Technology postgraduate course and the freedom given to explore your own interests in this field. The breadth of the dissertation topics gives the scope to pursue research in your own chosen topic and the ability to focus on your own interests and speciality.

What do you like most about studying at Keele University?

The relaxed nature and the rural setting provide a great backdrop to academic study.

Is there any additional information you would like to tell us or comments you wish to make?

As a mature student the University staff and Postgraduate Association did its upmost to make sure I felt comfortable about fitting in and returning to academic study.