Year studied MSc Environmental Sustainability & Green Technology 


Undergraduate degree 

Geography BSc (Hons) - University of Central Lancaster

Current employment

Account Executive - Ashfield Healthcare Communications , Macclesfield, medical communications company

What did you do after graduation and how did you get this job?

Whilst studying on the MSc Environmental Sustainability & Green Technology course I gained an internship at Quantum Management, which led to a project management position after completion of my Msc.

I also worked alongside Sainsbury’s and Newcastle-under-Lyme Borough Council in developing a feasible device to monitor and reduce household food waste.  I engaged with local community groups, successfully organizing events and generating interest and enthusiasm from experts and businesses.

After completing my internships I was offered a position at Cohens Chemists, where I had worked part-time for a number of years.  The role was Assistant Project Manager at the company’s head office.  The job involved working on multiple high-level projects across the business.

The experience in this role led me to a position at Ashfield Healthcare Communications as an Account Executive, where I have the opportunity to really progress my career!

What does your job involve?

My work changes from one day to the next, as I work in a very demanding and fast-paced industry, but it is also engaging and fun at the same time!

My role consists of working with some of the largest pharmaceutical companies, supporting client account management and ensuring all clients receive a seamless service.

What did you learn on the MSc ESGT which helped you get the job, or helps with your role now?

The course gave me an unrivalled experience, both academically and professionally, and I wouldn’t be where I am now without the knowledge I gained from the course, and the fantastic opportunities Keele provided.

Do you have any advice for current/prospective MSc ESGT students interested in a similar career?

Make sure you take all the advice you can from those around you.  All the staff show real care towards the students on the course and want everyone to reach their true potential.

Try to understand what you would like to do when you finish the course, as there are lots of opportunities whilst you’re studying to help you get where you want to go.