Mohammed Gamal, MA Education graduate

I am a Islamic Studies Teacher, at the Senior School-Qatar Academy, Doha in Qatar.
The MA in Education program has provided me with academic prowess by which I can conduct educational research to inform my practices as a teacher. Now, I realise how education can be a vehicle that enables us to redress some injustices in society. What makes this program unique is its capacity to stimulate your thinking educationally because it poses searching questions beyond what we do in our schools. To answer these questions, I have presented a number of papers at international conferences. Thanks to Keele, I had the invaluable opportunity to present my research at the following prestigious institutions: Toronto University, Alborg University and Lancaster University. Currently, I seek to delve deeper into sociology of education, by examining the relationship between religiosity and education. Therefore, I am planning to embark on a new intellectual journey by proceeding to study for a PhD.