Julia Bader, MSc Applied Social and Political Psychology

This MSc programme does not only teach new "hard skills" such as handling new computer programmes or gain knowledge about certain topics in the area of social and political psychology. The MSc programme encourages you to challenge your own assumptions, values and beliefs about the world out there (especially in the context of social and political psychology, of course). The guided self-reflection process I went through during my entire time of studying has helped me to develop a sense of agency I never thought I could have.

This programme offers insight into a lot of topics in the area of social and political psychology, while always supporting the development of an informed internal attitude towards the topics studied.

One thing that has definitely been a highlight, is the action research project because it challenged everything I knew about research. Action research carries different implications than traditional research paradigms in psychology do. It values equality, justice and respect and requires the researcher to be explicit about their own goals. Another equally important highlight was that throughout the Masters I felt like there was always room to ask critical questions and to engage with the topics of interest not only from a psychological perspective but for example, also from an ethical perspective. 

This MSc programme has prepared me well for further study, because it supports you to get into the right mindset as much as it provides you with the necessary research skills.