David Marchant, MSc Applied Social and Political Psychology student

My unique experiences as a Marine Corps veteran and double major from a university of Arizona meant that I needed an innovative approach that would be willing to listen to and incorporate my less than conventional ideas. The MSc in Applied Social and Political Psychology at Keele was exactly the right programme for this, allowing me to experience a wide array of academic perspectives and to provide input as well.

Under the reigns of Dr. Masi Noor, this programme has really helped me transition into being able to tackle scientific research in an independent and mature way. The hands-on approach of both the discussion-based lectures and the action research project in the ASPP course felt academically constructive, while the research apprenticeship provided ample opportunity for more independent work which I felt suited the needs of more mature and professionally seasoned students. 

The action research project in the first semester was a unique and interesting approach to scientific research that showed me the potential for collaborative community guided psychological approaches to real world issues. Working with other student researchers who come from various backgrounds was instrumental into expanding my horizons.

This course allowed me to both work independently as well as to gain valuable and marketable insights from a wide berth of various perspectives within the psychological field. I learned more scientific skills that have enabled me to work far more independently in the scientific realm. I also learned how to work collaboratively on applied research following the frameworks of action research.

The marriage between the academic theory and lectures with the independence of collaborative scientific work makes this programme the perfect choice for other military veterans or mature students.