"During my course I gained a variety of skills and experiences, including practical laboratory methods, project development, as well as public speaking"

Why Richard Berrisford found having the combination of studying the MSc Analytical Science for Industry and industry placement with Keele University so beneficial.

Why did you want to do the MSc in Analytical Science for Industry degree? 

RB: I chose to do MSc in Analytical Science for Industry degree due to the fact that it complemented my previous work experience in analytical science. I also chose it because I felt the practical experience gained through the course would be invaluable in progressing further in employment.

What was your master's project and where was your placement?

RB: My master's project was determining chemical and physical properties between the company I worked for products and their competitors. The placement was with Bebbington Brick Services.

What skills and benefits do you feel you gained from the course for your future career?

RB: During the course I gained skills in practical laboratory methods, project development and public speaking experience.

What would you say to anybody considering the master's course?

RB: This course is very useful for taking the next step in your career progression, giving invaluable and practical skills that have a real world application.

Bebbingtons Brick Services - Our business is widely mis-understood, so we needed and wanted to demystify the process and methods used and how we were placed alongside our competitors. We critically interviewed our placements, because we wanted to achieve the end goal set, as well as ensuring the student chosen would be able to cope with the broad spectrum of activities and situations we wanted to expose them to. We found the outcome to be beneficial to both parties.