Develop and celebrate your writing at WriteFest 2019

WriteFest is a celebration of academic writing that occurs throughout November. It’s a very positive and celebratory event, bringing together people from across the University to recognise and celebrate writing.

The festival, aimed at staff and PGR students, will offer writing retreats, workshops and online resources to raise awareness and encourage people to get out and get writing together.

WriteFest will cover topics such as writing for publication in journals, writing CVs and personal statements, blogging, goal setting, and there will also be four full-day structured writing retreats. New for this year will be a virtual writing retreat (Week 3 + Week 4), plus an unstructured full-day writing retreat run by the KPA (Week 3).

Professor Rowena Murray will offer ‘Writing for Publication’ (Week 2 - Monday 11) - a very popular practical session which includes writing activities, discussion and time to think about how to use a range of writing strategies for your writing for publication. Strategies covered will include targeting journals, analysing published articles, freewriting, generative writing, detailed outlining, writing abstracts, dealing with peer review, making time to write and writing groups and retreats.

Professor Divya Chari will offer a new session ‘Research Project Planning to Publication’ (Week 4 - Friday 29) which aims to support the development of writing specifically for journal publication. The session will show you how to build publication planning in to your research effectively from the start to ensure your project plan is robust, and help you gather all the relevant information for your paper throughout your research making the final writing task less onerous and better quality.

Also new for 2019 is Strategy and Goal Setting for Productive Writing (Week 1), a two-day reading retreat (Week 1) and a Reviewing Writing Progress session (Week 4).

For the full schedule and to book your place, see the WriteFest 2019 website.