37 KIITE students awarded HEA Fellowship

The Keele Institute for Innovation and Teaching Excellence (KIITE) is delighted to announce that 37 members of staff at Keele University have recently been awarded Fellowship of the Higher Education Academy (HEA), as part of their Masters in Higher Education Practice (MA HEP).

HEA Fellowship provides recognition of professionalism in learning and teaching in higher education, and evidence of commitment to continuing academic development. Across the four categories of fellowship, from Associate to Principal, individuals are recognised for their practice, impact and leadership of teaching and learning.

Keele’s MA HEP, run by KIITE, is a course specifically designed to support staff to develop and explore their academic practice as an educator and researcher in UK Higher Education. The programme combines core practice in Higher Education teaching and research with level 7 critical study, and is bench-marked to sector-wide practice, and the teaching part of the course is accredited by AdvanceHE and enables colleagues to obtain Fellowship of the HEA. Successful completion of the modules Teaching Reflectively in Higher Education, and Design and Development in Higher Education, lead to HEA Associate Fellow or Fellow awards, respectively.

Congratulations to the following members of staff:

  • Sarah Booth - Fellow
  • Melissa Bowerman - Fellow
  • Sarah Briggs - Fellow
  • Natalie Capel - Fellow
  • Jie Cheng - Fellow
  • Patrick Connell - Fellow
  • Jennifer Cooper - Fellow
  • Inderpal Dehele - Fellow
  • Benn Digweed - Fellow
  • Bethany Edge - Fellow
  • Helen Faren - Fellow
  • Rachel Frigot - Fellow
  • Rebecca Gould - Fellow
  • Vivienne Heaton - Fellow
  • Stuart Jenkins - Fellow
  • Jane Jervis - Fellow
  • Jordan Kistler - Fellow
  • Dan Lucas - Fellow
  • Eva Luksaite - Fellow
  • Scott Mahadeo - Fellow
  • Goksel Misirli - Fellow
  • Fraser Philp - Fellow
  • Nicola Ralph - Fellow
  • Audrey Skidmore - Fellow
  • Matthew Stibbs - Fellow
  • Sen Sunil Raj - Fellow
  • Kalpesh Thakrar - Fellow
  • Jessica Thompson - Fellow
  • Szu Shen Wong - Fellow
  • Adam Wootton - Fellow
  • Mengyi Xu - Fellow
  • Caspar Bienek - Associate Fellow
  • Lynsay Cooper - Associate Fellow
  • Jamie Littlejohn - Associate Fellow
  • Aimee Merrydew - Associate Fellow
  • Melisa Mete - Associate Fellow
  • Christopher Murphy - Associate Fellow

Robert Stannard, Director, MA Higher Education Practice and Lead for Academic Professional Apprenticeship, comments:

“It is fantastic to see so many colleagues completing the course and gaining Fellowship of the HEA. It is a great individual achievement, and the practice they have developed during the course of the programme will be of huge benefit to the students they teach. ”

To find out more about the MA HEP offered through the Keele Institute for Innovation and Teaching Excellence, visit the MA HEP website or contact Academic Development via academicdevelopment@keele.ac.uk