Funding awarded to research innovative teaching

Dr Julie Hulme, Reader in Psychology and co-chair of the Keele Institute for Innovation and Teaching Excellence THiNK Network, has recently been awarded funding from OneHE to research the facilitators and barriers to innovative teaching in higher education.

Dr Hulme is one of four recipients to receive £1500 in the inaugural Foundation funding round from OneHE, the global network for educators.

Dr Hulme, who is a National Teaching Fellow and a Principal Fellow of the UK Higher Education Academy, comments:

"I am very privileged to be awarded funding from OneHE, and excited to work with the OneHE community to research the factors that facilitate teaching innovation in higher education. The funding and the network provided by OneHE will enable the research to capture diverse views, and to inform evidence-based recommendations for the higher education sector around the world."

The research project ‘Facilitating evidence-based innovation: teaching for the futures’ will use a mixed-methods approach to explore educator’s experiences of innovation, and will inform practical recommendations to facilitate evidence-based pedagogic innovation to enhance student learning.

Dr Hulme adds:

“This project will provide a number of tangible benefits – including recommendations to promote innovation, tools to identify enablers and barriers to innovation within an institutional context, and a platform to promote further research into this important topic.”

The OneHE Foundation was launched to fund innovation in teaching and learning by providing small grants to member projects voted on by the OneHE community.