What are universities for now?

Lord Lyndsay’s great vision for a university in a post war age shaped Keele’s founding mission. Seventy years later, in similarly uncertain times, universities face unprecedented challenges and questions about their purpose and value.

At the heart of Lindsay’s ideas is a core commitment to the transformative potential of the university in enhancing the social freedom of all. Our 70th anniversary year is a time for both reflection on our history and looking to Keele’s future. Our one day conference What are universities for now? is an opportunity to consider the relevance of Lindsay’s inspiring vision today, to debate the potential for universities to be instruments of social freedom and to ask how we can remain committed and true to our founding principles and lead the way in realising this vision.

These questions are the focus of our one day conference which will be held on Wednesday April 3rd in Keele Hall. The day will include speakers offering a diverse range of perspectives and challenges from academia, HE policy and the Keele student body plus afternoon workshops and networking opportunities.

You can find out more about the conference, a draft programme and a link for booking here.

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