Translating stem cell research for curing lung disease

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The Institute for Science and Technology in Medicine delivered a cross-disciplinary workshop funded by the Royal Society and the Institute of Liberal Arts and Sciences (Seedcorn Funding) on Wednesday 2nd May 2018. This workshop focussed on the translation of stem cell research into a new cell therapy for lung diseases and welcomed over 30 participants from diverse backgrounds, including basic scientists, clinicians, translational researchers, and research and development managers.

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It was an interactive day, where academics from Keele’s School of Computing and Mathematics shared their modelling methods with participants demonstrating the potential to resolve biological problems.

Wei Zuo (Tongji University, China) and Lucy Fairclough (Nottingham University) were invited as key note speakers, which inspired a better understanding of the causes and treatments of lung disease.

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Interesting discussions also took place in the ideas exchange workshop, where a further funding plan was established which aims to strengthen future collaboration with Keele and Tongji University.

The event was led by Ying Yang, Professor of Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering at the Institute, and Nick Forsyth, professor of Stem cell biology, who commented: “This was a great day which delivered true cross-disciplinary activities which addressed the multiple challenges lying ahead in the translation of the basic research outcomes into new therapies, especially for lung disease.”

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