Tamsin Fisher, PhD Human Geography

Tell us about your research:

My research is investigating how people learn a new skill, specifically craft, and how they incorporate into their everyday lives as a practice of self-care. I have always been a "do-er" and understand the value of learning and practising a skill to maintain my well-being but wanted to understand more about how people, specifically young adults do this and how/why it impacts well-being in a positive way. I have been working with the Student's Union with their Friday Crafternoons, and I am beginning to work with some external organisations across Stoke-On-Trent to run craft workshops in the local community.

What do you plan to do after Keele?

I try not to give too much thought to life after Keele, but I do hope to continue in the field of research. I thoroughly enjoy the process of learning and building and managing a project. I love the challenges it brings and have so many ideas for more research off the back of my PhD.

What training did you find useful?

The Plan Your PhD training has been extremely valuable to me over the last year! Between teaching, data collection, CPD, writing and maintaining a social life, it has taught me to really prioritise certain jobs and allowing me time to de-stress and step away from work without feeling guilty.