Fraser Philp, Lecturer and Programme Director for the BSc (Hons) Rehabilitation and Exercise Science

Tell us about your role:

My research is interests are in rehabilitation of human movement and how this is affected in a range of injuries and diseases. I am involved in applied clinical research, particularly the measurement of human movement and how this can be used to inform clinical decision making for rehabilitation as well as the use of assistive technologies. Alongside my research, my day to day job involves teaching students in the School of Allied Health Professions and looking after and developing the Rehabilitation and Exercise Science programme at Keele which is an exciting new course.

What are your career aspirations? 

My ultimate career aspirations are lead and develop a team of internationally recognised researchers in applied clinical research and human movement analysis. I would also really like to set up and lead an institution which is recognised as a centre of excellence for implementing research into routine clinical practice and setting standards of patient care which are informed by this. I would also like to have a reputation for developing other researchers and producing research which directly impacts clinical practice.

What training did you find useful at Keele?

As a PhD student I was very lucky to be surrounded by some very experienced and supportive researchers. We had weekly research meetings which involved other PhD student and staff. We had opportunities to discuss articles, ask questions, problem solve, bring ideas for grants and papers as well as practice presenting for upcoming conferences. We also got asked lots of challenging questions which kept us honest and helped for the viva! Since finishing my PhD I have continued to be a part of the research group and have gone on to lead it. In addition to this I also attended a grant writing workshop which was hosted at Keele. This really helped my writing style and thinking and has stood me in good stead so far.