Rohan Prajapati testimonial, MSc Marketing

I selected Keele for a variety of reasons. Among the most crucial factors for my decision were the student's experience and degree of satisfaction; Keele's gold award in the TEF; Keele's international reputation and recognition; and the wide and beautiful campus, including heritage buildings, modern infrastructure, a lake, and woods.

The interactions between students and lecturers are the most enjoyable aspects of my study. The debates that we have in our classrooms allow us to push our boundaries in terms of knowledge and learning. And the assignments provide us the opportunity to apply the theories in solving the real-world problems.

The campus is the finest aspect of living in Keele. The atmosphere on campus is incredibly refreshing and lively. Keele offer several societies and groups that one may join to engage in activities such as sports, music, and so on and meet like-minded people.

The Keele Business School's atrium is my favourite spot on campus. Almost every day, I sit here to do my research work and assignments. This environment is really peaceful and thoughtful, and it helps me focus. I'm more productive here than I am at home. There is also a café at this place where I often grab a bite to eat when I have to sit long hours.

My favourite memory from Keele was seeing the first snowfall of my life at the end of September 2021. The campus looked very stunning. Everything was blanketed with snow. It was like heaven on earth. And this was a once-in-a-lifetime experience for me.

Based on my personal experience, I would strongly recommend students to choose Keele for their studies and experience a great university experience. The professors and staff at this university are really helpful and generous. The campus is vast and lovely, and you will never get bored of it. The University has strong connections with industry leaders, and the Careers and Employability team assists students in improving their skills in order to obtain suitable jobs. The Student Union (KeeleSU) is also very active, hosting events and providing entertainment that will always keep you engaged. Finally, I'd want to mention that Keele places a high importance on its students and strives to assist them both academically and personally.