Meet Tiwaa

Meet Tiwaa Addai, Commonwealth shared scholar 2016-17 - MA Human Rights, Globalisation and Justice

Photo of Commonwealth Scholar Tiwaa Addai What were you doing before you came to Keele?

Before Keele, I was working as a Corporate Social Responsibility officer and a Portfolio Manager with an investment firm. During this period, I was able to learned alot about the world of investments, business ethics and how to mitigate environmental impacts of an organisation's activities. However, I had planned to further my education in the area of human rights and when I got to know about the Human rights programme offered by Keele University; I decided to go for it.

Why did you choose to study at Keele?

I had always wanted to pursue a career in Human rights and was searching for a course that will suit my needs and help further my academic and career prospects. A friend sent me details about the MA Human Rights, Globalization and Justice programme, Keele University was offering and it was just what I was looking for. On researching more about the programme and Keele, I got to love the idea of studying at Keele. I liked the structure and the interdisciplinary nature of the course. I was also excited about the large green beautiful scenery Keele campus was adorned in and the fact that Keele has been recognized as first for student’s satisfaction in the UK. All these influenced my decision to choose Keele as the number one place to pursue a higher education in the UK.

How have your first few months been - what are your first impressions of Keele and being in the UK?

The first few months in the UK has been very good, although I had little challenges adjusting to the weather and the academic environment. However, Keele has been everything I had read and watched prior, to my arrival at Keele campus. I like the range of support systems, available at Keele to help international students settle in well and feel at home. Everybody is ready to help; from the academic staff to fellow students and housemates, all it requires is to ask and everyone is happy to help you adjust and find your way around campus.

How do you feel the scholarship will make a difference for you?

Aside granting me the opportunity to study for a Postgraduate degree in the UK, the Commonwealth Scholarship will greatly help in my personal and career development. I have developed my interpersonal relationship, self-confidence and perspective on varying areas in my field of study. The scholarship has also given me the opportunity to interact and network with other scholars studying in the UK from various countries around the globe and this will go a long way in shaping my career in Human rights and International relations. I have been inspired and hope to learn more from the diverse perspectives and experiences of my fellow students and the academic staff. These experiences will be of immense benefit to my dream of being a human rights advocate in Ghana; particularly in the area of domestic violence and child marriages.