Meet Samuel

Meet Samuel, Tullow Group Scholar - MSc Environmental Sustainability and Green Technology


What were you doing before you came to Keele?

“Before I came to Keele, back in Ghana I was teaching Mathematics in a secondary school, which is also the school I myself attended: Baidoo Bonsoe Senior High Technical School in Agona-Ahanta in the Western Region of Ghana. I saw the advert on Internet that Tullow, in cooperation with British Council, were giving scholarships to young enterprising Ghanaians. So I thought it wise to put in an application. I thought that having a UK education and especially the type of programme that I saw at Keele - Environmental Sustainability and Green Technology - it would be good to get that exposure outside of Ghana.”

Why did you choose Keele?

“I chose Keele particularly for the programme. Personally I am interested in renewable energies, that was my interest. And having read the profile, I realised that Keele is very strong when it comes to Environmental Sustainability programmes. So I have to go for Keele!”

Describe how you felt when you learnt that you had received the scholarship?

It was so so amazing, I don’t know how to describe it. One Sunday after church I was just lying on my bed, and I thought let me check my mails on my phone. I just checked my mail and saw ‘tentatively you have been awarded a scholarship’ and I was like WOW, I don’t know how.. I just exploded! I was very happy!”

How have your first few weeks been – what are your first impressions of Keele?

“My first impression: very very interesting and good. Any office you go, either you need help, or you’re going somewhere and you’ve missed your way, everybody is ready to direct you, to give you that good reception. Every office you attend, they are just ready to help – the library, the Hub, I mean everywhere, the accommodation… it’s just fantastic at Keele.”

What are your hopes, dreams and ambitions for the year ahead?

Well we just started academic week. So my aspiration is to be able to know what the lecturers want from me, being able to understand them, and being able to get the required knowledge, because I have really suffered and gone through a lot for this opportunity. So if I’ve gotten it, the payback is to get the necessary knowledge for me to take back home.”