Meet Rodgerson

Meet Rodgerson, Commonwealth scholar - MA Human Rights, Globalisation and Justice

Rodgerson What were you doing before you came to Keele?

After my undergraduate degree I was working with a travel and tour company. Although my background is not in tourism, it is in human resources, tourism is a person interest of mine, as I am an adventurous person and it gave me an opportunity to fulfil that part of my life. I’ve always held a desire to pursue further study in the area of human rights and law. I want to be able to contribute to human rights system in my country.

Why did you choose Keele?

Of all the universities that I saw, I realised that Keele had the course that I was interested in, that being Human Rights, Globalisation and Justice. Also the location of Keele is conducive for learning purposes, it is not in the middle of town, for example where there is a lot of noise, the environment gives you time to concentrate and study well. Keele was chosen to be the UK number one university for student satisfaction and I was interested in knowing and experiencing what it was all about.

Describe how you felt when you learnt you had received the scholarship?

It was unbelievable. I thought it was impossible or a myth that people got the scholarships,  I could not believe it was true. I was very happy to be given the scholarship and the opportunity to advance my studies and to be able to get the opportunity to develop as a person and in my career.

How have your first few weeks been – what are your first impressions of Keele?

I researched Keele and its surroundings on the internet and when I arrived I was happy to see that what I used to see back at home on the internet was exactly what I found here. The experiences here are so good: the people are friendly and welcoming; the institution has the equipment needed to pursue different courses; the staff are friendly and very helpful in everything we needed. As new students we have different issues; you don’t know who to consult, where the classes are etc., it was a new world altogether and the staff really helped us. The orientation was very interesting; it helped us to settle in quite easily.

What are your hopes, dreams and ambitions for the year ahead?

I drew my plans from the course that I’m doing. I hope I’ll gain the necessary skills after my course to be able to impact on human rights systems in Africa and in particularly in Uganda. There is a need to develop a team of professionals in human rights and justice to address problems in order to see a peaceful Africa, and I will be pleased to contribute to the development of the human rights system. As part of my career I would like to engage with the UN in Geneva and take an internship, to give me leverage to see how international systems work, and relate this to day to day situations in Africa.