Year 10/11 Academic sessions

We have a range of exciting academic sessions available to experience at the Real Keele! Academic sessions are subject to change prior to the event.

Subject Session


Should I really be at Hogwarts? Looking at the genetic traits of the wizarding world.

Business Management (Marketing)

Branding and Advertising in the world of 'Insta'


Lego Colorimeter


What is Crime and Who is a Criminal?

Diagnostic Radiography

X-ray what is in the box?

Economics and Finance

How to invest successfully in the stock market


We Don't Need No Education: Just what IS the point of going to School? 

Forensic Science


Geography, Geology and the Environment

Drones and GIS - career opportunities associated with pursuing geography


Mars Attacks: Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms

Liberal Arts

Exploring Liberal Arts through Graffitti: Art or Vandalism?


An introduction to Mathematics in Higher Education


Capture The Moment: Digital Photography and Adobe Photoshop Workshop


Interprofessional Education

Music Technology

An Introduction to Studio Recording Techniques - During the session you get a taste of what its like to work in a recording studio and in the music industry generally. You will receive a tour of the studio and get the opportunity to use our comprehensive microphone collection to record multitrack audio through our professional mixing console. The session will close with a Q&A forum. 


The little grey cells: how to recognise a brain cell when you meet one

Nursing and Midwifery

What is Health?


What is a Game?

Physiotherapy / Rehabilitation Science

Studying Physiotherapy/Rehabilitation Science at university


Will Trump Break Democracy in America?


An introduction to Psychology in Higher Education

Social Work

What is Social Work and what makes a Good Social Worker

Sociology and Education

The Race for Life: How life chances are not the same for everybody