Real Keele Year 10-11

3-4 July 2019

The Real Keele Year 10-11 residential is two-day student taster for Year 10-11 students, giving you a real experience of student life at university. You will eat, sleep and learn like a Keele student, with the opportunity to try out subject sessions run by Keele staff.

The Real Keele will help you discover more about being a university student, while also finding out if Keele is the right place for you.

If you have any queries regarding The Real Keele, please contact the team on or +44 (0)1782 734450.

We have a range of exciting academic sessions available to experience at the Real Keele Year 10-11! Academic sessions are subject to change prior to the event:

Subject Session


How to make your dragon

Business Management (Marketing)

Branding and Advertising in the world of 'Insta'


Lego Colorimeter


What is Crime and Who is a Criminal?

Diagnostic Radiography

X-ray what is in the box?

Economics and Finance

How to invest successfully in the stock market


We Don't Need No Education: Just what IS the point of going to School? 

Forensic Science


Geography, Geology and the Environment

Drones and GIS - career opportunities associated with pursuing geography


Mars Attacks: Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms

Liberal Arts

Exploring Liberal Arts through Graffitti: Art or Vandalism?


Winning Games


Capture The Moment: Digital Photography and Adobe Photoshop Workshop


Interprofessional Education

Music Technology

An Introduction to Studio Recording Techniques - During the session you get a taste of what its like to work in a recording studio and in the music industry generally. You will receive a tour of the studio and get the opportunity to use our comprehensive microphone collection to record multitrack audio through our professional mixing console. The session will close with a Q&A forum. 


The little grey cells: how to recognise a brain cell when you meet one

Nursing and Midwifery

What is Health?


What is a Game?

Physiotherapy / Rehabilitation Science

Studying Physiotherapy/Rehabilitation Science at university


Will Trump Break Democracy in America?


An introduction to Psychology in Higher Education

Social Work

What is Social Work and what makes a Good Social Worker

Sociology and Education

The Race for Life: How life chances are not the same for everybody