Terms and conditions

We expect the following from our partner schools and colleges:

  • Requests for activities to be made within a reasonable time (ideally at least one month’s notice).
  • Provide feedback on our events and activities.
  • Sharing of data to support tracking of students participating in our activities.
  • Promotion of learner opportunities such as Open Days, Scholarships, Bursaries etc.

Code of behaviour

Schools or colleges taking part in activities are to provide one insured and responsible adult for every 15 students under the age of 18 attending. These adults will be expected to be in attendance at all times during the activity and take on the role of Loco Parentis. The designated adults are responsible for ensuring that students in their care behave appropriately whilst engaging in activities.

Learners who attend events organised by the University will be expected to follow reasonable requests from event staff and student ambassadors. Learners are to respect the fact that Keele is a functioning University, and should take a mature and responsible approach to their time on campus.

Child protection and safeguarding

Keele University uses the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) to gain criminal record disclosure information about employees, job applicants, volunteers and students where appropriate. DBS disclosures help the University to assess the suitability of people who will hold positions of trust. DBS reference numbers can be disclosed on request prior to activities if required by the school/college.

Keele University recognises that it has both legal obligations and a general duty of care to provide a safe environment for all those working and studying at the University as well as those who visit the campus and is particularly mindful of its responsibilities in relation to children, young people and vulnerable adults. A copy of the Safeguarding Policy is available at www.keele.ac.uk/policyzone.

Health and safety

The University will take all reasonable measures to ensure that students are safe while engaging in activities, including carrying out risk assessments of all activities. Copies of risk assessments will be shared upon request.

Widening participation activities

Our University Access Agreement  aims to ensure that all students who demonstrate the potential to benefit from higher education have an equal opportunity to do so. Widening participation students fall within one or more (in some instances a combination) of the following categories:

  • From a low income/low participation neighbourhood
  • Eligible for free school meals
  • Looked after children or a recent care leaver
  • Young carer
  • SEN status/disability
  • Mature student (21 or over)
  • White, working class males
  • BME students
  • Travelling community member
  • Political refugee

If you require any further information on our widening participation targeting criteria before taking part in recruitment, outreach and access activities please contact the team on 01782 733949 or email outreach@keele.ac.uk.

Data protection

When you take part in recruitment, outreach and access activities you agree to provide basic learner data on participants to allow for targeting and evaluation, including postcodes, unique learner numbers, learner names etc. Failure to provide these will be considered a breach of the agreement and the activity will not be delivered.

Permission must be obtained to retain this data. The University works on the assumption that this permission will be gained at the time of gaining parental permission to engage in an activity; if this is not the case, then the University must be informed.

In order to ensure that our recruitment, outreach and access activities are effective and reaching the right people, we aim to collect and analyse statistical information, including individual learner information regarding names, postcodes, unique learner numbers ethnicity and disability status. We may share this data with one or more of the following organisations:

  • partner Higher Education providers in the Midlands.
  • the Higher Education Funding Council for England (HEFCE).
  • the Universities and Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS).
  • the Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA).
  • the Department for Education (DfE).
  • Higher Education Access Tracker (HEAT) service subscribers.
  • the National Data Service.
  • child/dependant’s school or college.
  • the school or college’s Local Authority.

Data will be processed in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998. For more information, please see http://www.legislation.org.uk/ or call 01509 223462.

Visual records

It is standard practice to take visual/audio records off all recruitment, outreach and access activities, which may take the form of still photographs or moving image (video) for possible use in our publications, website social media platforms and other publicity material. The image(s) will remain the property of the university and will be used for the sole purpose of promoting similar activities. Parental permission (under 16’s) and individual permission (16 and over) must be obtained prior to activities. It will be assumed on activities that this permission has been obtained; if this is not the case, a member of the Keele outreach team must be informed of this before the activity takes place.

Activity cancellations

Recruitment, outreach and access activities are provided free of charge to the school/college at the point of request.  However, we do expect that schools/colleges honour bookings and arrangements  in order to prevent wastage of restricted resources. If a school/college do have to cancel an event/activity the following charges will apply:

  • Up to 14 days prior to event date - standard cancellation charge of £200
  • 14 - 30 days prior to the event - 50% cancellation charge will be applied.
  • Over 30 days prior to the activity -  No cancellation charge will be applied.

Lunch and refreshments (campus-based activity)

Lunch is not included in campus based activity unless specified. Schools are requested to ensure all students bring a packed lunch on all such events.

Transport and parking (campus-based activity)

All transport arrangements (unless otherwise stated) are the sole responsibility of the school/college attending. It is important the number of vehicles being brought onto campus is recorded at the point of booking as parking permits will need to be issued by the University on the morning of the event.  Any vehicles parked without a parking permit are liable for a parking fine of £50; this includes coaches and minibuses. The University is not liable for this cost if incurred.

Equality and diversity

Our equality and diversity vision is for a University and community that strive for:

  • Equality of educational opportunity,
  • Valuing the rights, responsibilities and dignity of individuals through our commitment to equality and diversity and,
  • Valuing probity and ethical behaviour.

These values will underpin everything that we do, helping to ensure that equality and diversity is mainstreamed across the University and is evident in our day to day practice.

To ensure that all visitors are able to fully enjoy their visit to Keele University, we do ask that Access Arrangements are sent through at least 1 week prior to an on campus event, so that we are able to make specific adjustments.