Lisa has been working with young people in a variety of roles for over 27 years!  She has over 19 years of sessional teaching experience  within local Staffordshire Colleges and Universities. The last 16 of those years were spent working for Staffordshire County Council's Specialist Support Team (ASSIST) as a Qualified Specialist Teacher/Tutor/Coordinator working with students with sensory losses/sensory impact (hearing, vision, Autism Spectrum Condition) teaching, training, giving advice, acting as a guide or mentor or electronic notetaker - a whole variety of things - whilst also teaching a module for the Foundation Year focussed on vision and acting as a guest speaker on occasion. Believe it or not, she actually studied and graduated from Wye College (part of Imperial College, London) with BSc (Hons) in Agricultural Business Management and does not miss getting up at the crack of dawn to go and milk some cows! Since then, she has gained her PGCE and Advanced Certificate In Education - specialism with regards to visual impairment and has 'retired' from being a youth pastor/worker.

Lisa joined the FY team full time in Spring 2017 and is Module Lead/Tutor for FYO-00144 'Different Senses, Different Life?'  and FYO-10014 'A Different Way of Sensing Things - Focus on Sensory Loss'; delivers some of the lectures within Academic Development  and First Steps in Counselling and has also helped develop and deliver some modules which focus on 'Assisted IT', 'Orientation Skills' and 'Reflection Upon Independent Living Skills'.

Lisa is also Disability Liaison Officer and will be Personal Tutor (to some). She is looking forward to meeting you!


Teaching involvement in current modules:

Foundation Year Modules

FYO-00015 Reflection on Independent Living Skills (Module Leader)

FYO-00016 Orientation Skills (Module Leader)

FYO-00016 Assisted IT Skills

FYO-00108 Academic Development

FYO-00144 Different Senses, Different Life? (Module Leader)

FYO-10014 A Different Way of Sensing Things - Focus on Sensory Loss (Module Leader)