I have spent the past 25 years delivering post 16 courses in History and Sociology in a variety of environments; including a sixth form college, 11 to 18 high school and currently in a university. I have also been an integral part of the post 16 pastoral teams wherever I have taught. This role is still integral to what I do, as I have been a personal tutor since joining Keele, as a member of the Academic Development teaching staff. I am currently Programme Lead on the Humanities Foundation Year. 


Teaching involvement in current modules:

Foundation Year Modules

FYO-00108:  Academic Development

FYO-00116: The Age of the Tudors (Module Leader)

FYO-00126: The USA and the Cold War

FYO-00127: Social Theory and Political Thought

FYO-00129: Europe and the Modern World (Module Leader)