I get active becuase it not only helps my body to feel better, but my mind too

'Since the start of the third lockdown, I have been taking part in the NHS Coach to 5K running programme. Three times a week, I run and walk for 30 minutes, gradually increasing in intensity until I can run for 30 minutes or 5K. I've joined a virtual support group of other Keele students and staff which has been essential for me to make such good progress with the programme. On the days when I'm not running, I use a 7 minute workout app which leads me through a quick, high intensity exercise regime.

I get active because it not only helps my body to feel better, but my mind too. Since I started exercising regularly, my mood has been consistently better, I can focus on my work more easily, I sleep better at night and don't feel as tired during the day.

It's especially important to make the effort to be active during lockdown, and not just because of the suspension of organised sports or the closure of gym. We're missing out on more physcial activity than we realise by not commuting to university, or travelling to meet our friends. We must make up for it by putting more effort into it that we normally would. Exercise is a basic factor of health, just as eating and sleeping is; we don't make excuses for missing out on them and we shouldn't allow oursleves to miss out on physical activity. The long nights and cold weather make it especially difficult to do this at the moment, so we mustn't be ashamed to ask for the help and encouragement of other people.'

Active Keele - Dan