Bird friendly coffee

Bird Friendly coffee beans come from coffee farms that are certified organic, this means the farmers’ families and crops are not exposed to chemicals.

Bird Friendly Coffee logo Bird Friendly coffee is also known as “shade-grown coffee” as it is grown under shady rain forest trees as they protect the plants below from rain and sun, helping to maintain soil quality and reduced the need for weeding and naturally control bugs from getting to the plants. 

Cafeology is an exclusively ethical company specialising in the supply of ethical beverages, Keele University have now joined forces to bring you a coffee that you will really enjoy and that makes a difference to the farmers whose crops we buy.

CafeOlogy logo We are proud to say that Keele University is one of the first universities that has implemented triple certified coffee onto campus, our coffee is not only Bird Friendly but approved by the Organic Food Federation and is Fairtrade certified; which is simply the most ethical and sustainable coffee option available.

Why not come and visit us at or Chancellors Bistro because coffee is always a good idea!