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All here for you, and all free to access from wherever you are in the world, and for the whole time you’re a Keele student!

The Student Services Centre is your first stop if you need information about the range of additional support and activities available to students at Keele. The team are experienced in dealing with a wide range of issues and will work with you to resolve any issues or concerns that you have at any point during your time at Keele. All our services are available online so if you have a question or concern, just ask!

It's natural to have lots of questions about how to manage your studies, and so our teams have prepared lots of resources to help you get into the swing of academic life. Access them here

The drop-down boxes below give you an idea of the sorts of ways we can help, and some the specialist teams you can access via the Student Services Centre.

We love how diverse our Keele community is!

Everyone is welcome at our University and we want to ensure that everyone, whoever they are, whatever they study or wherever they live, feels safe, supported and accepted. And we talk about this all year round - we call it our #NeverOK message

Alongside this, we have dedicated members of the team to support those who associate with particular student groups, for example those who are:

LGBT | mature students | have been in care | have caring responsiblities for someone else | are estranged from their family/friends | asylum seekers or forced migrants

If you'd like to know more about how you can feel at home, find out more information about support for particular groups of students on these web pages and get in touch!

Within the Student Services Centre, we have a specialist team dedicated to helping international students. They have a specialist understanding of topics relevant to international students, and are your source of visa and immigration advice at Keele. Find out more on the International Student Support web pages.

Disability and Dyslexia Support (DDS) is here to support and advise all students with a disability, including specific learning difficulties, mental health and wellbeing issues and with physical and/or unseen disabilities. They can support you before you begin your studies, and throughout your time at Keele, so please get in touch. Find out more on the Disability and Dyslexia web pages

Counselling and Mental Health Support is a multi-disciplinary team, who can provide one-to-one counselling, group sessions and workshops, alongside advice on emotional health. For more information please visit the Counselling and Mental Health web pages

Keele is a diverse, multicultural and multi-faith community. Everyone is welcome - whether you recognise a particular faith or not!

We have four Chaplains - they are here to serve and support everyone on campus. They are always willing to chat through problems with you in much the same way as other support teams do - pastorally, spiritually, and emotionally - they are more than happy to talk about topics which don't involve faith or religion!

We also have faith spaces on campus: the Christian Chapel, the Islamic Centre, and an area set aside for private prayer and reflection whatever your beliefs. We also have active faith student communities who will be sure to welcome you. 

Find out more on the Faith web pages.

All students that live on campus benefit from additional welfare support from our Residence Support team. There are a team of friendly and experienced Resident Advisers (RAs for short) in every halls on campus - these are fellow students who are experienced in halls life and how to support other students. You can find out more about Residence Life here

We're sure this topic will be on your mind. Our dedicated advisers know the tools and tips to help you navigate the world of money while you're a student. They can tell you all about the scholarships and bursaries you may be eligible to apply for during your time at Keele, as well as the funds that are there to help if you're ever in financial hardship. 

ASK (Advice and Support at Keele)

ASK delivers a dedicated advice service that is separate from the University. Advisers are part of KeeleSU, and provide free, confidential and impartial advice to our students on a range of issues, such as academic topics, health, family, wellbeing, accommodation, finance, legal, international, employment and much more. You'll find more information on the ASK web pages.

Embrace all the good stuff that being a Keele student enables you to be a part of!

Explore our beautiful campus and its facilities if you'll be living or travelling on to campus.