20 activities for the 'new normal'

Brought to you by the Start to Success team.

  1. Keep fit from home by catching up on the Body Coach Joe Wicks or NHS 10 minute home workouts.
  2. Host a long distance movie night with far away friends using Netflix Watch Party to watch a film with your mates.
  3. Play a virtual board game using boardgamearena.com
  4. Take a virtual visit to Edinburgh Zoo and see the animals using their live web cams.
  5. Learn to cook some new student-friendly recipes.
  6. Do a jigsaw puzzle to challenge your brain.
  7. Take a self-guided virtual tour through top museums and cultural sites around the world using Google Arts & Culture.
  8. Get mindful by doing a 'Yoga with Adriene' video with her 30 days of yoga programme.
  9. Learn a new language using Duolingo - you can choose from 36 languages including Italian, Arabic and Russian.
  10. Use the Houseparty app as a fun and free way to keep in touch with friends who you still can't see in person.
  11. Get stuck into some new books by reading the Booker Prize longlisted nominees.
  12. Watch a 'Better than Yesterday' or ‘TED talks’ video on YouTube
  13. Keep your brain ticking over and learn something new! The Open University has a selection of free courses available.
  14. Make a mindful mandala pattern from leaves and other natural finds - even create one in a public place for someone else to find!
  15. Watch a classic film that you've always wanted to see but never found the time.
  16. Do some Sporcle quizzes - there are hundreds of topics, but you could try to learn every country in the world!
  17. Learn how to Python code in just a few hours.
  18. Decide what would be your specialist subject on Mastermind, and learn everything you need to know.
  19. Get out and explore the outdoors in your local area.
  20. Most importantly, make sure you take steps to look after your mental health. The NHS Every Mind Matters app is a good place to start.