Hints, tips and support before you begin your studies

If you’re feeling a little jittery about your upcoming studies, rest assured that’s completely natural! We have both staff and current students on hand to help you, and a wide range of resources to help you make a successful transition to university life.

Please take a look at the resources below. They will help you to feel better prepared with the practical things you need to do, help you to understand how to look after your wellbeing as a university student, and overall, make the transition to University a smoother process.

Work your way through the induction module in the KLE

There’s an induction module in the Keele Learning Environment (KLE) which will help to familiarise you with life as a Keele student - such as services available to you, how to use all the different digital platforms at Keele, lecture playback, and videos which guide you through processes you will need to know (e.g. how to submit assignments). Please work your way through all the resources before the term begins, and refer back to them throughout the year if you have any questions.

Start the induction module on our Induction web page and continue it in the KLE (don’t worry, the first video explains how you do this).

Follow us on social media

  • Want hints and tips to help you make the most of student life? Then be sure to follow Life at Keele on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for round-the-year info.
  • Keen to find someone on your course or living in your halls? Then try the Official Keele University Student Life 2020/21 Student Life Group (run by KeeleSU). Be careful not to give away too much personal information about yourself online. For example, only give out your block rather than room number if you’re trying to find other students living in your halls.
  • Want to get involved in Students’ Union life? Then both KeeleSU (@KeeleSU) and the KPA (@KPAKeele) have their own social media too.
  • Of course, your school or course might have its own social media pages too. Have a look in the Keele University social media directory.
  • Here is some guidance about how you can make sure you’re using social media safely and wisely.

Familiarise yourself with the Keele App

Particularly the events section, as our events and activities begin before the academic year does! Have a look at the ‘what’s on?’ section to see the events we’ll be running virtually. These are optional but we encourage you to take part in as many as possible to help you begin with your transition to Keele. There are also lots of other sections which are useful while you prepare.

Live chat with a member of the Student Services team

Got a question? Then you can live chat with a member of our student services team any weekday 10am-4pm. You'll need your Keele login details to be able to access the live chat service, which you'll find a link to on our Student Services home page.