Keeping safe on campus

The safety and wellbeing of the Keele community is our highest priority.

Studying together, keeping apart

Before the new academic year begins, we will be providing all students with information about how everyone can study and socialise safely when they come on to campus. Please keep updated at


Free safety app for all students, to give security peace of mind.

If they will be coming on to campus, please encourage them to download the SafeZone AppHere's a demo of how they use it. It provides that extra safety reassurance, 24/7:

  • ‘Check-in’ every time they are on campus (phone/device can be set up to do this automatically)
  • First aid or emergency help if they ever need it
  • Campus notifications in the event of an emergency 

Just tell them to search 'SafeZone' in their app store (iOS and Android), download it for free, and log-in with their Keele username and password.

Campus Security and Out of Hours Services

24/7 support

Keele University’s campus Security operates 24/7 and is here for everyone on campus. You will see our uniformed staff patrolling buildings and halls of residence, and they work closely with other teams across the University to help to keep everyone safe. The team are also trained in first aid and emergency procedures and, during term-time, we also have a student support officer working throughout the evening and night to offer support to students.

Contact information: