Helping on move-in day

How you can help them move in to campus accommodation safely.

Once you have helped to get everything into their room, we kindly ask that you leave the campus as quickly as you can, to ensure we can keep our campus as Covid-secure as possible.

Please visit our coronavirus web pages for detailed information about how students will be studying, socialising and living together safely in the 2020/21 academic year. There's a specific section with guidance related being on campus, and sections for both applicants and current students

Unless they have told us you need to arrive early so that they can self-isolate on arrival in the UK, students can move in to their on-campus accommodation on:

  • Saturday 26th September 2020 between 8.00 am - 6.30 pm
  • Sunday 27th September between 8.00 am - 6.30 pm 

Please make sure they have completed their online accommodation induction before they arrive on campus. This is really important, as they will need to book your arrival slot as part of this.

At the end of the induction, they will be issued with an accommodation boarding pass - please ensure they print this and bring it with them. We won't be able to issue keys without this. 

As above, please ensure they bring a printed copy of your accommodation boarding pass to collect their keys.

On the day, they collect their keys from the Chancellor’s Building (follow the signs as you come onto campus). As part of our Covid-secure measures, they can only bring one person to help them to move in. Please wait in the car whilst they collect the keys from us.

Please ensure they stick to the arrival time slot as best they can. If you have unavoidable delays and arrive arrive after 6.30 p.m., please ensure they go the 24 Hour Security Reception in the Darwin Building.

Once they have their keys, they will be given a 30 minute parking pass close to their halls of residence so that they can unload belongings and move into their bedroom. After this time, they/you will need to move your vehicle to one of the main University car parks (not the halls of residence) to ensure students arriving after can also unload their belongings easily.

Once you have helped to get everything into their room, we kindly ask that you leave the campus as quickly as you can, to ensure we can keep our campus as Covid-secure as possible.

Once they're in their room on campus, it’s helpful to check it over. If there is any damage or something is broken or not clean, please encourage them to contact a member of staff who will arrange to put things right as quickly as possible.

Inside the room, they will have a copy of the Tenants’ Handbook. Make sure they keep this somewhere safe as it contains lots of information about the facilities in their hall, as well as explaining key regulations from their contract on what is expected as a tenant.

All rooms are fully furnished and a cleaning service is provided in all communal areas and bathrooms. Kitchen facilities are available in all residences. Please remind them to bring the items listed in this packing checklist.

If they wish to pre-order a bedding pack and/or kitchen starter pack, they can do this from Chaffinch Living and it will be delivered to their bedroom.

Shortly after they arrive, they will need to check their room inventory (items in their bedroom). It is very important that they do this or they may be charged for any missing or damaged items when they move out. They can do this via the accommodation portal, and we recommend they do this the day after they arrive.

Please find out more about Covid-secure accommodation measures here, and more general Covid-19 advice and guidance here.