Biometric Residence Permit

A Biometric Residence Permit (BRP) is a document issued by the Home Office to students (and their partners and children) as evidence of their immigration permission (also known as leave to enter or remain).

S_Sample - BRP

Your BRP will include the following personal information:

  • Your name, date and place of birth
  • Your fingerprints and a photograph of your face
  • Your immigration status and any conditions of stay
  • Whether you can access public funds (such as benefits and health services).

Biometric Residence Permit (BRP) for Entry Clearance

In March 2015 changes to the UK law requires anyone who applies for a visa outside of the UK for leave (Visa) that exceeds a period of six months will only be issued with a 30-day vignette (entry clearance ‘sticker’) in their passport.  You will then need to collect a biometric residence permit (BRP) within 10 days of arriving in the UK from the University or a specified Post Office, which you select when you submit your visa application. 

‌How do I get my BRP?

Keele University has a special arrangement with UKVI to distribute BRPs to students and you will be given your BRP at the time of enrolment on to your course. The University will provide you with a specific code to use on the ‘Visa4UK’ website as an ‘alternative collection location’, which will allow the UKVI to send your BRP to Keele for you to collect. This specific BRP collection code is on your CAS statement. When selecting the BRP collection location you must choose an ‘alternative location’ and use the code 2HE542 as shown below:

 Details of the University's BRP ACL Code

Alternatively the nearest pick up location to the University is the Post Office in Newcastle-under-Lyme (approximately 4 miles away), to select this location you will need to use the University’s postcode ST5 5BG on the ‘visa4UK’ website, however you will need to arrange your own transport to this Post Office and you will not be able to enrol, partake in teaching or start your studies without your BRP.

To collect your (and your dependents’) BRP you will need to bring your original passport with the 30-day vignette and also your visa application decision letter from the UK Home Office.  BRP’s for dependents will only be issued with the student’s BRP. To collect the dependents BRP’s the student must bring the decision letter and their passport as well as the decision letter and passports for all dependents. Without both the decision letter and the passport containing the entry clearance sticker ‘vignette’, you will not be issued with your BRP.

When you receive your decision letter and 30-day vignette following your visa application, you must email a scanned copy of the letter and the Visa these to

Biometric Residence Permit (BRP) enrolment for further leave to remain

When making a visa extension application in the UK the online application process to extend your Visa will ask you to select an appointment a UK Visa application centre to show your Passport, current Visa and have your Biometric's taken. The appointment availability is only shown whilst you are submitting the online the visa application. These centres also allow the option (at cost) for your application documents to be scanned and uploaded if that was not done during the application form. 

The new centres are mostly based in public libraries and the locations of the core service points (standard fee) or enhanced service points (additional fee) are detailed on the new UKVCAS (UK Visa and Citizenships Application Services) webpages via postcode look up.

The nearest core service point to the University is at the Manchester Central Library, St. Peters Square, City Centre, Manchester, M2 5PD. To get to the Library from Keele you would need to get a train to Manchester Piccadilly and then use the free bus service (Route 1) from Manchester Piccadilly to Manchester Central Library. Trains to Manchester Piccadilly run from Stoke on Trent & Crewe, with more regular services from Stoke on Trent and anytime day return tickets from £14.

Students would need to make sure that they try to get an appointment which does not mean they are absent from the scheduled learning and teaching events. If you are not able to get an appointment outside of your teaching then you would need to request for your future absence to be approved from your School(s). For taught students, this is done by submitting an absence request though eVision which is accessed via the KLE. For Postgraduate Research students, you need to contact your supervisor / Research area. This does not mean that your absence request will be approved and so we strongly advise you to try and avoid being absent from the University.

Previously students who were making a visa application in the UK (known as further leave to remain – FLR), would need to complete ‘Biometric Enrolment’ by going to a Post Office that offers this service. This is now being phased out but if you have an older application in progress you may still be asked to go to the Post Office, this will be stated on your letter or email from the UK Home Office. The nearest one to the University is in WHSmith in the Potteries Shopping Centre in Hanley, Stoke on Trent; details of the Post Office opening hours and how to get there can be found by clicking here.

A student must ensure that they complete Biometric Enrolment within 15 working days from the date of the letter or email from the UK Home Office (UKVI) and that they must arrange this outside of their learning teaching events, using the Post Office weekend opening hours if needed.

If you need any assistance with Biometric Enrolment please contact International Student Support.