Safety and security

Whether you're studying late or having a night out at the SU, your safety is the priority. 


The Security Team at Keele operate 24/7. They are based in the Darwin Building, and you'll see them patrolling the campus too. Contact them on 01782 733004, or email non-urgent enquiries to


Have you got the SafeZone app? If so, great! If not, search for it in your app store and download. In just one tap (literally), it’ll enable you to alert Security if you’re in an emergency, need first aid, or more general help. Use the check-in function to put your mind at rest if you are ever studying alone or late at night - this allows Security to quickly identify who is on campus, should an incident occur. You can also receive important information and advice from the University in the event of an emergency. Find out more about it.

Safety Bus

One of the things that help us be the best is the safety we offer when on a night out. We have a fleet of Safety Buses that allow all students get home safely. They pick up from KeeleSU after the night is over, and transport you to your door for free! 

Street Team

If you've been working late on campus or you've been on a night out in the SU and don’t want to walk home alone, you don’t have to. Street Team is a student-led volunteer service - all volunteers have full training and support to help students get home. Find them on the ground floor of KeeleSU on a busy night.

Find out more about out of hours support.