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Race Equality Charter

Race Equality Charter Bronze Award

The Race Equality Charter is there to help us improve the representation, progression and success of black and minority ethnic (BAME) students and staff within higher education. It is assessed by AdvanceHE, an independent organisation there to improve equality and diversity across higher education.

How does it work?

We have developed student and staff action plans to take us to 2022. We have a REC Self-Assessment Team tasked with monitoring our progress. This team is a mix of academics and professional services colleagues who represent the whole Keele community, including our students’ unions. The Self-Assessment Team is co-chaired by Shane O’Neill (Pro Vice Chancellor) and Hinna Sheikh (Race Equality Officer). It is important to note, however, that progress will depend not only on the REC SAT and those working closely with it, but on all members of the Keele community.

How is it helping us with race equality?

Being part of the Charter, and having this team, means that we have created structures to facilitate and embed focused consideration as to how we can make progress towards race equality. The REC SAT meets three times a year but it intersects closely with all major Committees, including the University Executive Committee, and with our Equality, Diversity and Inclusion structures across Faculties, Schools and Directorates. One key area of focus is to encourage all parts of the university to ensure that staff and students can develop a deeper understanding of racially differentiated experiences among members of our community. It is vital that students and staff from a variety of minority ethnic backgrounds shape this process of change. This is happening through all the initiatives that have been taken in the work of the REC SAT, the BAME Staff Network, the public events that have been organised on this subject in the Race Equality Lecture Series and beyond. We continue to encourage colleagues across the university to find new ways of giving voice to the differentiated everyday experiences that reflect the enduring and pervasive nature of race-based inequality.

Find out more about the work of the Race Equality Charter here.

Race Equality Charter - Co-Chairs

Ray Amith Race Equality Charter 200x238

Dr Ray Amith 

Lecturer in Biomedical Science

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Champion

(School of Life Sciences and Faculty of Natural Sciences)

Prof. Shane O'Neill

Prof. Shane O'Neill

Pro Vice-Chancellor for Advancement & Global Engagement

Executive Dean of the Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences

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