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“Where are you really from?”

You might not have heard the term before, so watch the short video below which explains ‘microaggressions’.

They're the everyday comments and questions we often make without thinking, that can unintentionally cause hurt or offence to someone. There’s no shame in realising that you might have made a microaggressive comment to someone before – the important thing is to realise how this could make someone feel, and how you need to think, say, or do something differently in the future.

We’re very grateful to the students who contributed their experiences to make this video.

If you have experienced, seen or heard something which you consider a ‘microaggression’, we, as a University, want to know – it’s only once we know the extent of a problem that we can put steps in place to mitigate it. Find out more about how you can do this on our help and support page