Student Support

Your voice led to...

Student Support is a topic which was discussed at our first event in November 2019. The expanable boxes below demonstrate how the words of our Keele 100 attendees have been turned into action to date. 

Student Services will soon be offering a chat service. It’s a trial and we’ll be gathering your feedback about it.

We’ve introduced a ‘talk to a member of our team’ form within the self-service area, where you can indicate that you are intending to come to a drop-in and what it will be about.

If you do this, we won’t ask you who you need to see when you arrive. We’ve also put it on the computer screens in Student Services, so you can do it when you arrive, if you want to.

You can use eVision to submit a planned absence request up to one minute before teaching starts for a lecture or seminar.

We’re working with the SU and KPA to come up with a more acceptable time for everyone. We need to make sure that you can get support with submitting, if things go wrong. This is a change which will need to be approved by the University Senate, so will likely come into effect in the next academic year.

We’ve given the SU and the KPA the ability to add events onto the Keele What’s On app, so you’ll know where to look for things that are happening on and around campus.

(And watch this space: we’re working on creating just one app for the next academic year).

From September 2020, we’ll be leaving the bin emptying to you, and the recycling too. 

We think this is important too, and since November 2019 we’ve held Bystander Intervention workshops with over 160 students, including across diverse sports clubs at an AU Committee event. These workshops highlight practical skills in relation to preventing sexual violence. This is all part of our wider #NeverOK campaign and we'll be sure to continue reaching as many students as we can.