Code of practice

Room conditions

To help maintain and enhance the standard of our pool rooms, you are requested to observe the following code of practice for the benefit of all users.

Please make all present in your session aware of this code of practice.

When you enter a University pool room you should find it in a clean and tidy condition.

If a pool room does not conform to these standards when you enter it, please notify the Timetabling Unit by email: as soon as possible.

Inviting guest/external speaker(s)

Formal approval for your event must be obtained where it is reasonably foreseeable that an event/speaker may raise controversial issues and risk infringement of the University’s Code of Practice on Freedom of Speech. Please refer to the Freedom of Expression procedure and complete the Speaker Approval Form 

Food and drink

Staff and students are reminded that eating and drinking in the room (other than water) is not allowed, either on a casual basis or for organised events, unless booked through University catering services.

Tidiness and furniture

Both staff and students are requested to show consideration for colleagues who are to follow them into this room.

Please make every effort to remove any litter and leave the room as clean and tidy as possible. Please ensure that you return all furniture and equipment to its standard layout at the end of the session. The standard layout is illustrated on each teaching room wall.

Interactive whiteboard

Do not use ANY sort of pen on these boards.


Please use only DRY WIPE marker pens. It is your responsibility to bring dry wipe pens with you as they are not provided in pool rooms.

At the end of a session please always remember to clean the whiteboard to enable the following session to start promptly.

AV equipment

If you are experiencing a problem or do not fully understand how a particular piece of equipment functions, please call for assistance from AV Services, Ext: 38470 or email Do not attempt to rectify the problem on your own as this may result in permanent damage to the item of equipment. Try to familiarise yourself with equipment before you use the room. 


If you find a room locked, please contact Security on Ext: 33004. If you are the last user of the room, please remember to switch all lights off on departure and most importantly remember to close and lock all windows.

It is hoped that with the co-operation of colleagues and students, the environment in which we all work can be kept at a high standard.