The Keele University Bursary

About the Award

The Keele University Bursary is an award of £1000 per year to undergraduate students who meet certain eligibility criteria.


A bursary of £1,000 a year is available for all undergraduate students who:

  • Commence their full-time undergraduate degree at Keele in September 2017
  • Are liable to pay the full tuition fee of £9,250. (Please note that this is the tuition fee for students joining undergraduate courses in 2017. We expect tuition fees to rise in line with inflation for 2018 entry. Find out more.)
  • Have a gross annual household income of £20,000 or below (as verified by Student Finance)
  • Domiciled in England or Northern Ireland
  • Are not on a course that receives other public funding eg. NHS funded courses, PGCE or Social Work. Please note that students who are on NHS courses that do not receive NHS funding (or other external funding) will still be eligible.


Please note that if you are receiving any non-repayable, non-means-tested funding from your Government towards your tuition fee payment, you will not receive the Keele University Bursary. For example, Welsh students who receive partial tuition fee funding from the Welsh Assembly will not receive the Keele University Bursary

How to apply

There is no need to apply, the bursary is automatically applied if you meet the criteria.

If you have any queries about eligibility for the Keele University Bursary, please contact us at


Other funding opportunities

If you receive at least AAA (or equivalent) at A Level you may also be eligible for up to £2,000 per year via the Keele Excellence Scholarship. To find out more click here.