Sponsored Students

If you are receiving sponsorship to cover your tuition fee and living costs, after you receive an unconditional offer, you will need to provide a letter of sponsorship/financial guarantee. 

This proof of funding must be provided on letter headed paper and include the following information:

  • your full name (as stated in your passport)
  • your Keele Student Number;
  • the name of the programme
  • the academic year for which the sponsorship applies;
  • the amount of the sponsorship (for example, full tuition fees or a specified amount in pounds sterling)
  • the address and a named contract to which Keele University should send the invoice
  • the full name and address of the sponsoring institution.

This information must be returned to the Admissions team on admissions.reply@keele.ac.uk.

You must also complete and return a Data Sharing Declaration for Sponsored Students form. Please use the link below to download this form. This must be sent to the International Recruitment and Development team on international@keele.ac.uk.