Keele in the USA Scholarships

Each year Keele University is delighted to welcome excellent students from the USA. Many Keele alumni live in America and their generosity has enabled The Keele in the USA Foundation to extend exciting opportunities for students to benefit from a unique educational experience at Keele.

Applying for a Keele in the USA Scholarship

Applicants must show evidence of scholarly, academic or professional excellence and give good reasons for wishing to pursue study at Keele University. Since 2011 these Scholarships have run in parallel with programmes offering further opportunities, including the Fulbright Commission and the Marshall Commission. Keele in the USA Scholarships are offered to US citizens who enrol to study at Keele University.

The Scholarship is valued at $4,000 US at the prevailing rate of exchange in Pounds Sterling GBP after completing enrolment and commencing the relevant course.

The application deadline for students wishing to begin their studies at Keele in September 2017 is 31st March 2017.

Keele in the USA Scholarship Application Form

2016 Guidance notes on Keele In the USA/Canada Scholarships

Last Updated 10/10/2016.

Recipients of Keele in the USA and Keele in Canada Scholarships (formerly NAFKU Scholarships)

2013-2014 Keele in Canada Scholar - Bianca Calascione 2013-2014 Keele in the USA Scholar: Olani Allen

2012-2013 NAFKU Canada Scholar - Cristina Polsinelli

2011-2012: NAFKU USA Scholar - Natasha Flick

2011-2012: NAFKU Canada Scholar - Annabelle Flores

2010-2011: NAFKU USA Scholar - Morgan Davison

2016-2017: Keele in Canada Scholar - Lara Grant


How to Support the Keele in the USA Scholarships

Supporting Keele in the USA

Keele in the USA Contributions may be made as single or regular gifts. According to the purposes and instructions of the Keele in the USA Foundation,Inc., American gifts may support, for example:

  • The Keele in the USA Scholarship
  • The Neil and Gina Smith Student of the Year Award
  • The Keele Key Fund

The Keele in the USA Foundation, Inc. is an autonomous 501(c)(3) charitable foundation enabling tax-efficient donations by American taxpayers recognised by the IRS.

Donations may be made securely to Keele in the USA HERE

Checks payable to “Keele in the USA” may be mailed to Keele in the USA, 12544 High Bluff Drive, Suite 440, San Diego, CA 92130 USA Attn.: Treasurer

Supporting Keele in Canada


Keele in Canada Keele Key Fund.

For Canadian taxpayers wishing to make a specific gift: Keele University has been recognised as a prescribed foreign university under Section 3503 of the Canadian Income Tax Regulations for purposes of charitable giving.