Professor Ronnie Lippens

Title: Professor of Criminology
Phone: (+44) 01782 7 33263
Location: CBB1.023
Role: Subject Lead DCrim and Criminology
Seminar Programme Officer
Contacting me: Office hours - posted on my door or by appointment

Born in 1962, I was educated at Kortrijk Polytechnic, Universiteit Leuven, and Universiteit Gent (all in Belgium), obtaining a PhD in Criminology from the last named in 1998. I then moved to Keele in 1999 where, since 2006, I’m a Professor of Criminology. 

My research interests originally included critical criminology and organizational criminology. Latterly however my research interests have focused also on the imaginary of justice, law and order, as expressed in e.g. novels, paintings and sculpture. This has led me to study and analyse art and literature in quite some detail.

I’m currently working on a closer analysis of the emergence of forms of governance in what could be called prophetic painting and you could say that I’m working within the broader field of visual criminology. That said, I am also working on themes such as the aesthetics of urban regeneration, and on more abstract ones such as the philosophical reading of issues and problems that criminological discourse usually deals with.

Having authored or edited about 150 contributions (in Dutch as well as in English) on those topics in a wide variety of venues, I’m always willing to supervise PhD projects in any of the aforementioned areas.

I usually teach modules about criminological theories or perspectives, as well as modules of a more philosophical nature.

You may, by the way, wish to have a look at what probably is one of the thinnest textbooks in the criminological domain: LIPPENS, R. (2009) A Very Short, Fairly Interesting and Reasonably Cheap Introduction to Studying Criminology. London: Sage Publications.

I also regularly contribute to our Masters Programme in Criminology and Criminal Justice and to our Professional Doctorate in Criminology and Criminal Justice (DCrim).