Keely Hughes

Title: Teaching Fellow in Education
Phone: 01782 733358
Location: CBA0.016
Contacting me: email

I joined Keele University as a Teaching Fellow in Education in January 2016. Prior to this, I worked at Keele as a sessional tutor/lecturer in the Education faculty whilst undertaking my doctoral research under the supervision of Dr Mark Featherstone and Professor Farzana Shain. My PhD is due to be submitted later this year. My BA (joint honours), MRes and PhD have all been studied at Keele University.

My PhD thesis explores the meaning of British ‘universal state education’, its means and ends from its process of construction through to the contemporary. More specifically, I focus on how the meaning and purpose attached to ‘universal state education’ from policy makers is embedded within wider capitalist discourses. I question how this concept of ‘education’ has evaded any significant questioning despite persistent social inequalities culminating, in part, from the process of education itself. I explore early and current political economic discourses which defined ‘universal state education’, and analyse how these paradigmatic definitions shape policy, constrain practice, stifle critical and creative learning and sustain social inequality on both a national context of the UK and in the local context of Stoke-on-Trent.

My other research interests include:

  • Critical and Creative Pedagogies
  • Class and Inequality
  • Learner Identities
  • Political Economy of Education
  • Philosophy of Education.

Book Chapter

Hughes, K. (forthcoming) ‘From Exaltation to Abjection: Depictions of Subculture in Quadrophenia and Ill Manors’. In (Eds.) N. Bentley, B. Johnson and Zieleniec, A., Teenage Dreams: Youth Subcultures in Film, Fiction and Theory. London: Palgrave.

Conferences/Presented Papers

Hughes, K. (2014) ‘Educational Wastelands: Neoliberal Education Reforms in De-industrialised Spaces’, British Educational Research Association Annual Conference, UCL Institute of Education, 23rd September.

Hughes, K. (2014) ‘Philosophical Praxis to Utilitarian Consumption: Creating an Education Utopia’, Keele Postgraduate Research Forum, Keele University, 18th March.

Hughes, K. (2013) ‘Critical Pedagogies as a Site for the Re-negotiation of Education’, Critical Pedagogies: Equality and Diversity in a Changing Institution, University of Edinburgh, 6th September.

Hughes, K. (2013) ‘From Exaltation to Abjection: positive and negative subcultures in Quadrophenia and Ill Manors’, Teenage Kicks: the Representation of Youth Subcultures in Film, Fiction and Other Media, Keele University, 13th July.

Hughes, K. (2013) ‘The Construction of Learner Subjectivities for Disadvantaged Pupils’, Teenage Kicks: the Representation of Youth Subcultures in Film, Fiction and Other Media, Keele University, 13th July.

EDU-10029 Childhood Policy and Education (Module Lead)

EDU-10030 Understanding Learning (Module Lead)

EDU-10030 Education in Britain: past, present and future

EDU-10068 Digital Technologies (Module Lead)


EDU-20020 Research Strategies and Methods in Education


EDU-30071 Independent Study Project (Dissertation) (Module Lead)

EDU-30073 Education, Work and Identity