Grace Brown

Title: Lecturer in Social Work
Phone: 01782 733123
Location: CBC0.003
Contacting me: email

I am a social work academic with teaching and research expertise in social work education, interdisciplinary education, supervision, domestic violence and rurality. My academic background includes working in a number of Australian universities from 2000 until 2017 before migrating to the UK in order to take up my current position at Keele University. In Australia, I worked as an academic at La Trobe University, Ballarat University, Monash University, and Charles Sturt University, and as a practice educator and professional supervisor of social work students for the University of Melbourne, Monash University, La Trobe University, RMIT University, and Victoria University

Before becoming an academic, I worked for a number of organisations in the health and social services sector, in a variety of social work positions in, government and non - government organisations in both, urban and regional locations. My work as a social worker in these positions combined direct practice, as well as training and community development. I also have substantial experience in managing organisations, supervising staff and delivering training to the community sector. In particular, I worked in Human Service Organisations that focused on children and families, people from different cultures (including first nations people), tertiary students, and people with disabilities, physical, mental, and psychological. I have worked for a number of years as a private social work practitioner providing supervision to health, welfare and social work professionals.

My research and scholarship is focused on teaching and learning, practice education, and curriculum development for social work. In addition, my interest is focused on the rural sector, primarily in Australia (my PhD research focused on Educating Social Workers for Rural Practice), but in more recent times, exploring the rural context and development of social work education in China. I am interested in interdisciplinary practice, in particular the interface between social work and law. Research and teaching also include the interface between theory and practice for social work students and graduates and the ways in which supervision can assist this process. I also have current research and scholarship interests in palliative care, and the area of family violence.

I am an adjunct Lecturer and Researcher with Monash University, Australia.


Research grants current:

Joint research with Dr Bernadette Saunders Monash University, to explore the learning interface between health disciplines and law.

Journal articles

Battaglia, L., Brown, G., Flynn, C., (In Press) Facilitating adaptation: A strengths-based examination of international students studying social work in Australia, Advances in Social Work and Welfare Education Journal.

Brown, G., Western, D., Pascal, J., (2014) Using the F-Word: Feminist epistemologies and post-graduate research, Affilia, Journal of Women and Social Work.

Brown, G., Hyams, R., Foster, R., (2013) The benefits of multidisciplinary learning in clinical practice, Journal of Teaching in Social Work

Book Chapters

Brown, G., Petrakis, M., Flynn, C., Saunders, B., Mendes, P., and Dragic, M., (2015) Social justice, respect and professional integrity: The social work discipline and profession as a place of congruence for working class academics. In Bread and Roses: Voices of Australian Academics from the Working Class, Rotterdam: Sense Publishers.

Pascal, J and Brown, G., (2009)Ontology, epistemology and methodology for teaching research methods. In Teaching Research Methods in the Social Sciences. Routledge.

I teach into undergraduate and postgraduate social work programs. Current teaching includes Law and Social Work; Professional Development – Skills; Professional Development – field education/placement, social work practice educators and students.