SafeConsumE Consortium Workshop

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Posted on 19 October 2017

Researchers and stakeholders from the Horizon2020 funded SafeConsumE consortium were at Keele this week to attend a transdisciplinary workshop.

The two-day transdisciplinary workshop, which took place at the Keele Sustainability Hub, was organised by the Keele team: Dr Lydia Martens and Dr Mike Foden, from the School of Social Science and Public Policy. In attendance were the country teams from Norway, Hungary, Romania, Portugal, France and the UK, made up of social scientists and scientists, and  consortium stakeholders, including Public Health England (UK) and Designit (Norway), were also present.

SafeConsumE’s objective is to reduce the health burden from foodborne illnesses through effective and convenient tools and products, communication strategies, education and an inclusive food safety policy. The work started in May 2017 with a kick-off meeting in Norway.

The aim of the workshop was to discuss the pilot research from the first work package, which consists of a characterization of consumer food behaviours and barriers to food safety through transdisciplinary research. Researchers presented findings and reflections on their pilot fieldwork, and discussed textual, visual and video materials, alongside microbiological data and analysis.

In addition to the productive project discussions, visitors enjoyed learning about the unique history of Keele University on an evening heritage tour of the campus, led by John Easom and Ryan Stanyard.