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Keele Treasure Hunt

Looking for something to do over the summer on your lunch break?

In the PDF below there is a 12 clue treasure hunt for you to complete. The teasure hunt will take you all over campus. On the PDF there is a link for each location pin and it will take you to google maps and then you will need to get to the area and find out what the clue is eluding you to. When you think you have found the answer to the clue then just simply take a selfie with the answer to prove you were there and to see if it is correct.

After you have done all the clues simply email the selfies to j.grimshaw@keele.ac.uk.

No time limit on the hunt and you could possible try and do the treasure hunt over a number of lunchtimes. We recommend you see where all the clues are first and pick the best route before setting off. You can then see what you can fit in each time you go out or try and do it all at once.

Have fun and we will look forward to seeing your answers.