Fitness Tracker Challenge

Can your department step up? 

The Fitness Tracker Challenge was introduced in January 2018 as part of the Active Lifestyles subgroup of the Healthy University Group. Focussed on increasing staff activity and reducing sedentary behaviour, the challenge pits two different departments against each other over 2 weeks to see who can 'step up' and take the most steps. 

The current leaderboard is as follows:



  Our departments have loved taking part so far, with 100% of participants who gave feedback enjoying the challenge, and 81% felt the challenge made or may have made them more active. 

"Great challenge all round to change exercise behaviour"

"I have loved the challenge and it was nice to work as part of a larger team to encourage each other. Brilliant idea!"

"Fitness challenge was alot of fun, and generated a team spirit in the department."

"The challenge really made you think about how many (or how few!) steps you do each day and helps you to think about incorporating additional steps wherever possible."

"I already had a fit bit but I take more notice of this now and ensure I reach 10,000 steps or more most days now"


Want to get your department involved? Simply email Mel Piper at to take part!