TEAM:Keele Awards

Awards: As a member of Team:Keele, you can be recognised for the work you put in both on and off the pitch as long as you play fair! Whether it is representing the University to your best ability, taking on the responsibility of a club, or excelling above and beyond all else, you may be able to “earn your colours”! These are awarded at the prestigious Presentation Dinner held in Keele Hall…

  • Full Colours: An exceptional honour awarded to only the  The individual will have shown exceptional playing ability of a standard that would allow them to be recognised at national levels of sport, along with regular Team:Keele participation.
  • Half Colours: This highly honourable award is given to students who have consistently shown outstanding performances on the field, as well as being an excellent ambassador for the University and Team:Keele.
  • Merit Colours: A prestigious award for not just playing but also awarded for exceptional service to Team:Keele or University Sport in general.
  • Certificate of Commendation: For those who are on a full time course for no longer  than 12 months at Keele, who have shown outstanding ability and commitment to their club and/or team.