Ski & Boarding

Welcome to Keele University Snowsports (KUS). We are THE club to join! With race and recreational snowsport training all year, one of the best social calendars on offer and of course, the huge annual alpine trip. Both on and off the slopes KUS aim to deliver the best experiences for its members. We are known for hosting some of the best socials about, with an array of themes and activities. Drop in for one of our Monday socials, slope side après or sober social outings. Of course, we are far more than a social club. With an established race team, high performing members will be taken around the country to compete. Events like BUDS and KINGS are fantastic places for members to show us what they’ve got. With one of the best UK dryslopes only a few minutes away, we provide lesson, recreational and race sessions all year at a very reasonable price. We also make fortnightly trips to the Manchester snowdome so everyone can get their mitts on the pow. Whatever your snowsport appetite, we can satisfy! Come Christmas, it’s time for tour. Join the coach full of the most avid and fun snowsport lovers for a week in the mountains. Expect to leave our trips with some of the fondest memories and friendships you’ll make during university. So, what are you waiting for? Whether you’ve skied for years, or never touched snow in your life, join KUS and prepare to hit the slopes!