The Keele Karate Club is part of the international, non-profit making KDS organisation headed by Harada Sensei (MBE), one of the original Karate masters in the world.

The Keele club is taught by Mark Hallam (5th Dan), one of a handful of executives responsible for the technical development of the KDS worldwide. If you’re into Karate and even if you’re not yet, it doesn’t get any better than this!

Our aim is to learn the martial art of karate that is effective in a real situation through sparring at the appropriate level for a given individual's experience. You needn't be fit to start karate. We work with each person at their own optimum fitness level and slowly build up from there. Thus, training sessions enable members to reach their full potential in a friendly learning environment.

So, whether you are a practicing black belt or a complete beginner just wanting to try something new come and see us! We have many lively student socials, balls, courses and gradings throughout the year where we’re presented with belts and awards. First session Free!

e: au.karate@keele.ac.uk
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